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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a case packer?

A case packer is a machine that automatically or semi-automatically packs items into a corrugated box for shipping. There are several types of case packers with the main ones being wrap around, top load, side load, and bottom load. A case packer can put just about anything into a box.

How does a case packer work?

Case packers can work in many different ways, but they all have three primary processes.

  1. Creating groups of items to be packed into a case;
  2. Opening, erecting, or positioning the case to be loaded;
  3. Transferring the groups of items into the case. Some case packers also seal the case closed after it is packed.

How much does a case packer cost?

The cost of case packers can vary widely. A semi-automatic case packer can cost $25,000 or less. A fully automatic case packer could cost over $1 million. Most case packers range from $100,000 to $500,000.

What is case packing?

Case packing is the process of packing items into a corrugated box for shipping. It be done by hand or with automated machinery.

What is a top-load case packer?

A top-load case packer is a machine that packs items into an erected, corrugated box through an opening in the top. The items are typically picked up by a robot or other mechanism and placed into the case. A top-load case packer is very flexible and can pack almost any product into cases.

What is a wrap-around case packer?

A wrap-around case packer is a machine that creates and loads a corrugated shipping case by wrapping the corrugate around the product and gluing it closed. Wrap-around case packers are typically used to pack rigid products (like cartons) into shipping cases.

What is a side-load case packer?

A side-load, or end-load case packer packs products into a case by pushing them in from the side. A case is erected horizontally with the flaps open. Groups of products are created and pushed in from the side. Side-load case packers are good for high speed applications for products that can easily slide into cases, like cans or jars.

How quickly can I get a case packer?

Lead time for case packers can vary greatly. Some semi-automatic or other low-cost case packers can be in stock for immediate shipment. Conversely, some high-speed, highly customized case packers could take up to 1 year to acquire. A typical case packer lead time is 12 to 24 weeks.

Why should I automate case packing?

Companies typically automate case packing to reduce labor costs or eliminate ergonomic hazards. Others automate simply due to labor shortages.

Where are case packers made?

Case packers are made all over the world with many manufacturers in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and China.

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