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RPM TL3 Packing Wrapped Hamburgers Into Cartons

The washdown RPM carton loader collates wrapped hamburgers and packs them into topload cartons.

The RPM TL3 small-footprint carton loader is used in many consumer goods applications, including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, produce, and CBD. In this application the high-performance machine is packing various sizes of wrapped sandwiched into topload cartons, achieving speeds of up to 140 products per minute.

The product handling infeed system accepts a single stream of randomly spaced products. It uses a separate infeed conveyor to inspects and reject bad wraps. Products are then transferred into a servo-driven collator that creates groups of products to be picked. Three-flap, top load cartons are automatically positioned for loading. The proprietary RPM robot, controlled by a Rockwell controls package, robot picks up the products and places them into the cartons or trays.

Notable feature:

This machine’s stainless steel construction accommodates washdown applications. The frame is constructed with round spacers between joints to reduce contamination.

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