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RPM TL2+ Case Packer Decasing Cans Out of Tablock Cases

The RPM TL2+ uncaser uses vacuum to pick full cans with child resistant lids out of tablock cases.

The RPM TL2+ small footprint case packer is used in many consumer goods applications, including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, produce, CBD, and many other products that need to be packed into cases or trays.

In this application the high-performance machine is used to uncase different sizes of standard and slim sized cans. Speeds of over 20 cases per minute are achieved on the dual head version. Full tablock cases are automatically positioned by a pneumatic gating system. The proprietary RPM robot, controlled by a Rockwell controls package, picks up the cans or bottles out of the case and places them onto a conveyor.

Notable feature:

The same machine can be used to uncase bottles or cans. A vacuum system is used to pickup cans (even with child resistant lids) and a mechanical gripper is used to pickup glass bottles. Changeover between bottles and cans only takes a few minutes.

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