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RPM TL2+ Packing Pill Bottles Into RSC Cases

The RPM case packer creates an array of pill bottles and packs them into RSC cases.

The RPM TL2+ small-footprint case packer is used in many consumer goods applications, including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, produce, and CBD. In this application the high-performance machine is packing various sizes of pill bottles and plastic jars into RSC cases, achieving speeds of up to 200 bottles per minute.

The product handling infeed system accepts a single stream of randomly spaced products and uses a diverter laning system to create rows of products for picking. RSC cases are automatically positioned for loading and a flap management system opens the case flaps. The proprietary RPM robot, controlled by a Rockwell controls package, picks up the pill bottles and places them into the RSC cases.

Notable feature:

The compact laning infeed system is only three feet long and can quickly be changed over to run a wide range of bottle sizes and different row counts.

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