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Compact top load robotic case packing machines, tray loaders, and carton loaders

The TL Series robotic packaging equipment can be used for case packing, de-casing, box loading, tray packing, carton loading, loading clamshells and topseal containers into produce trays, and many other applications. Call +1 (800) 995-2832 today, to learn more.

These automatic case packing machines epitomize our focus on simple, reliable, and compact equipment. They have a small footprint and the versatility to fit into any existing production line. They can also be easily reconfigured as your packing needs change, so you don’t need to accommodate huge, inflexible packaging equipment.

Our robotic case packer can pack a huge variety of products, from rigid to flexible packaging. Over the years, RPM engineering has developed a number of unique advancements to better handle different products so you can count on the TL. Even if it’s something new for us, our engineers will develop a solution that fits the application.

The TL Series automated packaging equipment can get you out of a tight spot, by fitting into tight spots.

To learn more about our case packing equipment or to request a quote, please contact us or call 1 (800) 488-4212.

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TL2 Robotic Top Load Case Packer

Simplicity at its most compact. The TL2 case packer picks products from a conveyor and loads them into cartons, cases or flighted infeeds. The perfect way to start automating your line.

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TL2+ Robotic Top Load Case Packer

Our workhorse automatic case packer. With a larger robot, the TL2+ case packer is capable of higher payloads and can accommodate deeper or wider cases and trays, as well as multiple simultaneous case loading.

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TL3 Robotic Top Load Carton Loader

The TL3 does everything the TL2 does, only for flexible products. It inspects, collates and loads flow-wrapped or bagged products. If you have flow wrapped or bagged products, this is your machine.

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TL4 Robotic Top Load Carton Loader

The TL4 is the TL3’s big brother. With the same compact footprint and larger robot as the TL2+, the TL4 handles the toughest flexible product jobs. The TL4 turns your production line into a well-oiled machine. Without the oil, of course.

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TL Series Case Packer Overview Video


Automated case packing machinery and end of line solutions.

Simple, reliable, and compact top-load case packers, and carton loaders, from RPM are used in consumer goods applications, including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, and produce. These high-performance machines pick up products and top load them into RSC or HSC cases, trays, cartons or the infeed of another machine.

Every case packer has an RPM robot controlled with an all-Rockwell controls package. Each infeed product handling system is customized for the specific product and application needs.

RPM utilizes simplified designs to achieve an ultra-compact footprint unmatched in the industry. For most facilities, floor space comes at a premium so equipment that can fit into tight layouts is invaluable. Our machines utilize a c-shaped frame, which allows them to be installed on existing lines without modifying conveyors. Machine footprint is often a critical factor for managers looking to purchase case packing equipment and can even outweigh more traditional considerations such as cost or lead time.

Please contact us or call +1 (800) 995-2832 to learn more about our case packing equipment, or to request a quote.


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The RPM TL2 Case Packer Packing Medical Devices Into RSC Cases
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The RPM TL3 Case Packer Packing Wrapped Hamburgers Into Cartons
The RPM TL2+ Case Packer Loading Produce Into Shipper Trays
The RPM TL4 Case Packer Loading Plastic Consumer Products Into RSC Cases
The RPM TL2+ Case Packer Decasing Cans Out of Tablock Cases
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