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The RPM TL2+ Dual Infeed Case Packer Loading Trays of Cookies into RSC Cases

The RPM TL2+ dual infeed case packer is used in many consumer goods applications, including frozen food, pharmaceuticals, beverage, produce, and CBD. In this application the high-performance machine is packing various wrapped trays into RSC cases, achieving speeds of up to 80 packs per minute, per lane.

The dual infeed product handling infeed system accepts two separate stream of randomly spaced products and uses a pneumatic gating system to create arrays of products for picking. RSC cases are automatically positioned using a pneumatic stop and clamping system. The proprietary RPM robot, controlled by a Rockwell controls package, picks up the trays and places them into the RSC cases.

Notable feature:

The dual infeed case packer accepts products from either lane or both simultaneously and loads into a single lane of RSC cases.

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