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Do low-cost packaging machines make you nervous?

Top load case and carton packers from RPM are priced as much as 50% lower than machines from other manufacturers. Does that make you nervous?

If so, we get it. It’s risky to get away from what you know, even if it is more expensive.

Put those fears aside, because the TL2, TL3 and TL4 Robotic Top-Loaders from RPM are designed to take unnecessary cost out of the machine, yet still do what you need them to do, shift after shift, day after day.

Need for (Low) Speed
High-speed machines are inherently complex…and expensive. What if you don’t need a high-speed machine? TL series Top Loaders are designed for lower to mid range speed applications. By optimizing the core components, like the collator, for these reduced speeds, we can also shrink the supporting components, the frame, and the overall footprint. Smaller size = fewer parts = less cost.

Right-Sized Robot
Many packaging machine robots operate on a minimum of four axis. That’s nice, but what if your application only calls for a two-axis operation? Our two-axis robot does everything it needs to do, and costs 50 percent less than the four-axis counterpart. Also, by taking out the unnecessary axis, the machine becomes easier to setup and maintain over the long term.

Tried & True Technology
Many packaging machines use servos to drive most or all of the machine motions. But for simpler, lower speed applications servos can add more excessive cost and complexity, than, say, goold ol’ pneumatics. The TL machines use pneumatic stops to positively position cartons and cases for loading rather than a finicky side running belt system. It may not be sexy, but its simple to setup and gets the job done at a fraction of the cost.

In other words, the TL Robotic Top-Loaders aren’t scary at all. The low cost is a result of smart, simple design based on years of packaging machinery experience. So, you have nothing to be nervous about. That is, unless reducing capital expenditures and shortening return-on-investment gives you the willies.

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