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Don’t pay for what you don’t need – 5 reasons simpler packaging machines are better

When it comes to packaging machines, there are a lot of options out there. Most involve huge, complex machines big enough to require their own ZIP code. But is that really better?

Of course, many applications require complex machines. But many do not. For simpler applications, a large, complex machine could be overkill. And overkill is expensive.

Here are 5 reasons why a simpler machine might be a better choice:

Standardization: Part of simplicity is using standard, off-the-shelf components. This is especially important with robotic controls. When everything – the machine, the robot, the conveyors – is run off the same, standard controller, the machine is less susceptible to problems. And problems are easier and less expensive to fix.

Maintenance. The simpler a system is, the easier it is to maintain. Less training, less time, less hassle. Troubleshooting is easier, and the machine is back on line faster.

Setup. When you buy a machine, you want it up and running. Fast. The more complex it is, the longer it will take to deliver, install, set up, and start working seamlessly in your line. Many machines can take days or weeks to get running properly, but a simple machine can be up and running in hours.

Reconfiguration. Many packers need to accommodate new products, short runs, or complete product changes. With large, complex machines, this is difficult, if not impossible in many cases. Simpler machines, that have a smaller footprint, can easily be reconfigured to accommodate changing needs. They can even be easily relocated, if necessary, and set up again in no time (see Setup).

Cost. Taking out complexity means taking out cost. Simple machines are quick and easy to build, ship and set up. They require less maintenance and are easy to fix. That means lower purchase cost, lower labor costs, and lower maintenance cost. It also means greater uptime and productivity.

RPM designed its TL Series Toploaders to be simple, flexible and affordable. To learn more about why simpler is better, contact us.

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