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“It had to work like a watch” An interview with our first customer

Hazel Farms combats rising labor costs with RPM TL2+ tray packer

TL2+ Robotic Top Load Case Packer: Heavy-duty case loading in a small footprint

The TL2+ was designed with a small footprint so it could be easily incorporated into existing production lines, with a larger, heavier-duty robot that can handle more rigorous jobs.

Is automation increasing the value of human work?

Automation does more than eliminate jobs and create new ones. It increases the value of human beings in the workplace.

Take this approach to gradually improve your production

If automation is something your company is planning, it could have greater benefits than the automation itself. It could help you identify the issues in your production lines that are inefficient or problematic, and correct them.

4 Myths about Automation

There are some common misconceptions about automation. Unfortunately, these widely believed myths might be keeping some manufacturers from achieving the productivity and profitability gains they need. Here are the myths, and the truths behind them.

In food packing, you may not need a “better mousetrap”

In the never-ending quest to increase production and efficiency, and to reduce costs, companies are looking to automation as the solution. They’re being sold huge machines that do it all. For small and medium-sized companies, that’s overkill.

Machine Flexibility – Marketing-speak, or real business value?

Flexibility is all the rage these days. Packaging machine manufacturers love to say that their machines are flexible. And we’re no exception. It’s right there in our tagline: Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

Do low-cost packaging machines make you nervous?

Top load case packing machines and carton packers from RPM are priced as much as 50% lower than machines from other manufacturers. Does that make you nervous?

Don’t pay for what you don’t need – 5 reasons simpler packaging machines are better

When it comes to packaging machines, there are a lot of options out there. Most involve huge, complex machines big enough to require their own ZIP code. But is that really better?

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