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We are Simple, Reliable, and Compact.

We designed our robotic case packer machines to be simple, reliable, and compact, because that’s how we like to do things. Floorspace and labor are limited. Compact, easy-to-use equipment helps keep you nimble. We run our business with these values in mind.

When you call RPM, you talk directly with the technical people. If you have questions, we’ll answer them. Now.

Like our machines, we’re small, nimble, and responsive. That means we can work with you to get things done. No trying to find the right department or chasing down dead ends. We just make things happen.


K2 Kinetics has acquired Robotic Packaging Machinery

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Simple – Ease of Integration & Maintenance

RPM machines incorporate multiple features which make installation, integration, and maintenance simple and intuitive. Simple, flexible software and tooling enables operators to run RPM equipment with ease. A proprietary servo-driven, 2-axis RPM robot means no 3rd party robot controllers and an all-Rockwell Automation controls package. This enables customers to perform regular maintenance without waiting on support from RPM technicians


Our products are made to be so dependable that customers can comfortably “set-and-forget” after installation. Automated operations are notorious for complexity and continuous troubleshooting/tweaking. With Ewon remote VPN routers in every machine, any questions or issues can be resolved by RPM support immediately. Our high-quality, off-the-shelf components are selected for their reliability in the field but can be easily maintained by on-site staff if necessary.

Compact Footprint

RPM utilizes simplified designs to achieve an ultra-compact footprint unmatched in the industry. For most facilities, floor space comes at a premium so equipment that can fit into tight layouts is invaluable. Our machines utilize a c-shaped frame, which allows them to be installed on existing lines without modifying conveyors. Machine footprint is often a critical factor for managers looking to purchase case packing equipment and can even outweigh more traditional considerations such as cost or lead time.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need – 5 reasons simpler packaging machines are better

When it comes to packaging machines, there are a lot of options out there. Most involve huge, complex machines big enough to require their own ZIP code. But is that really better?

Do low-cost packaging machines make you nervous?

Top load case packing machines and carton packers from RPM are priced as much as 50% lower than machines from other manufacturers. Does that make you nervous?

Machine Flexibility – Marketing-speak, or real business value?

Flexibility is all the rage these days. Packaging machine manufacturers love to say that their machines are flexible. And we’re no exception. It’s right there in our tagline: Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

In food packing, you may not need a “better mousetrap”

In the never-ending quest to increase production and efficiency, and to reduce costs, companies are looking to automation as the solution. They’re being sold huge machines that do it all. For small and medium-sized companies, that’s overkill.

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